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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  July 4, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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>> announcer: right now abc7 news begins with breaking news. that breaking news is in vallejo, a police officer has shot and killed someone following a report of a domestic violence incident. >> police say the man pointed his again at them in a grocery store parking lot in the 700 block of lincoln road. nick smith is at scene. >> reporter: good morning. if you can avoid this area to do so this is still very much an active investigation. take a look over my shoulder. police officers and crime scene investigators are still on location after an officer-involved shooting at this safeway on lincoln road west. a 44-year-old man has been shot and killed by a police officer after they say he fail to comply with the officer's repeated requests to place his
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hands-on his head. the dispatch got a 911 call about a domestic violence situation. as officers were responding to the call, a second caller phoned to say the suspect they were look for had drive strength to the safeway and was parked near the pumps. the caller ga police a vehicle description and told them the suspect was armed with a handgun. officers say when they approached the suspect he got out of car appeared to be distraught and they could visibly see the suspect's handgun. when officers ordered him to place his hands-on his head and the suspect didn't come ply officers say they shot off their taser. the suspect then reached for and grabbed his handgun. officers fired on the suspect who died. investigators are still on the scene. the suspect has been identified as a 44-year-old man named marshal tobin. we are not sure if he's a vallejo resident. we are waiting to speak to officers to find out how everything went down.
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several people in the neighborhood saw things happen this morning. we will provide more information later today. this appears to be the third officer-involved shooting in vallejo. nick smith, abc7 news. updated information this is the fourth officer involved shooting in have a know less than six weeks, three fatal, including one last saturday morning involving a robbery suspect. in oakland a toddler is fighting for his life from suspected abuse, a mother, stepfather and babysitter in custody. amy hollyfield joins us outside oakland children's hospital. how is that little one doing now? >> reporter: i just got an update from police. he is still in critical condition here at children's hospital. because of the injuries that he had police became concerned about theldren who are possibly related to this little boy. we have good news this morning. three of the four children
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have been found. the youngest children that you see here on this list. a woman saw their names in the news she lives in patterson, she called police and said she had them. police went to her home. they say the children are safe and they are bringing them back to the bay area. the 16-year-old still has not been found. police want to make sure she is okay. her mother won't tell police where she is. here are adults who have been arrested the mother, stepfather and babysitter. she faces the most serious charges. her bail set at $150,000. this started on monday in the 900 block of 63rd street in north oakland. police got a call a 3-year-old was found face-down in the tub. when paramedics arrived the child was dry and clothed.
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they were able to revive him. they brought him to children's where he's still in critical faces life-threatening injuries. police say he injuries that were consistent with past and current child abuse. they made arrest. put the plea out for the public to help them find four other kids that plea worked for three they are hoping they can find the 16-year-old. if anyone knows where that child could be, they are hoping someone will come forward and call police. they want to checkup on her well-being. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. no oakland police officers were hurt in a chase that ended this morning with a suspect crashing into a fire hydrant. police tried to pull a car over this morning. the driver sped away. the pursuit lasted three minutes and ended with the car slamming into a hydrant. one of suspects had to be cut out of the car and is in serious condition. the other had what police are
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calling minor injuries. >> the family of a missing dodgers fan is wondering whether a body found in the san francisco bay could be that of their loved one. a passerby call authorities about the body. katie marzullo joins more. >> reporter: the body was fond a little before 8:00, we arrived on scene as the first fire and police crews were arriving. here's some of that video. even the jogger who did first find the body was being interviewed by police. he told me he was sure he knew what he saw when he saw it and ran to the nearest pier and got firefighters who were there. crews lowered a ladder into the water and a diver went in to retrieve the body. the body is of a man only the medical examiner will be able give an official identification. he was clothed and appeared to be wearing a dark jacket. police officers did have with them on scene, a missing persons flier for the dodger
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fan who disappeared monday, a week and a half ago. he's 27-year-old victor mario works as a prison guard in vacaville. his friends last saw him after the game and they believe he fell in the water. the coast guard began searching for several days before calling off their efforts. family and friends have never stopped looking for victor. i just got off the phone with his cousin jennifer, she says this morning she did receive a call from the san francisco police officers association and they told her that the body was wearing the same clothes as her cousin the day he disappear. again an official identification is pending notice from the medical examiner's office. katie marzullo, abc7 news. this 4th of july the san jose fire department will have double the number of crews on duty they don't know if that will be enough to deal with expected flood of calls about illegal fireworks.
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terry mcsweeney joins us live from the east san jose foothills. >> reporter: beautiful view from up here. take a look out, imagine it tonight, all those fireworks displays going off here, there and everywhere. all beautiful, every one a headache for the san jose fire department. a lot of people can't imagine the 4th of july without fireworks. the colors, sounds, very much like the rockets red glare and bombs bursting in air this is what it looked like last night. tony lives up in the foothills he likes watching analyst anyone to the displays. >> usually, i feel excited, lots of colors, noise. >> reporter: for the fire department there will be no celebrating tonight. >> we'll get hundreds of calls tonight regarding fireworks. some of them will be new sans calls where neighbors are really concerned. others will be for injuries
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and potentially, property damage fires. >> reporter: so many calls that the fire department is asking the public for help. >> we want residents to use 311 to report fireworks calls, if it is not caused an injury or there isn't a fire. we are asking for that early 911 activation of natural injury or fire as a result of fireworks or any other reason. >> reporter: the captain says don't fire off fireworks if you are going to, understand you could face jail time or fines or cause serious injury. if you are going to any way, be as careful as you can. >> pretty dry, trees, grass, something that we want to make sure the kids cautious when they do this. >> reporter: police are working closely with firefighters to make this a safe 4th of july. as always, the burden really going to befalling on the public as to how safe and sane this 4th of july is. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news.
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>> 4th of july parades are taking place all over the bay area and our country of course.
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there is plenty of 4th of july spirit here in san jose as you see behind me we are standing on the alameda near magnolia avenue a huge parade underway now. the street is lined with cars got all kinds of floats, vans, kids on small bikes all kinds of things you can imagine. this is a 1.7 mile long route through portions of san jose very exciting for spectators estimated 25,000 people lining streets of san jose this morning. they are joining this parade for the fifth year in a row. san jose has had 4th of july parades dating back as far as 1896. we tacked to spectators -- we talked to some of the spectators about why they are out here what do you like most about parades? >> well thispopt)z one gets hugr every year. [ inaudible ]
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it is awesome. >> reporter: how many parades have you seen? [ inaudible ] what do you like most the floats or what? >> the floats. >> i think it is important for people to come together and fellowship in the community. i think it is a great idea. [ inaudible ] watch the residents enjoy the community. >> reporter: the community is out here in full force this morning on the 4th of july. this parade is costing $,000 to produce. knowing how cash strapped most cities are the city is only contributing $7,000 the rest being paid for by businesses and the community. the grand marshal of today's san jose parade is abc7 news anchor dan ashley. he hadn't come by yet we will have highlights this afternoon and this evening. we should point out, they are putting a lot of effort into roses. they want this to be the
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northern california version of the pasadena rose bowl parade. the route includes san jose's famed rose garden. david louie, abc7 news. get me dan's autograph. redwood city bringing back its fireworks tonight after two year absence thefest fifths have already started with a -- the festivities have already started with a parade. many came from the fire department's annual pancake breakfast fundraiser. the firefighter in charge said it took 250 pounds of batter and 25 gallons of syrup to feed 1,000 people. the celebration will culminate with a 20 minute firework show from the pore residents and businesses raised money to bring back the fireworks after they were cancelled when the show got too pricey at $70,000. redwood city one of the many communities holding firework shows and other 4th of july
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festivities if you are looking for a complete list of times and locations go to you will find the link on our front page or look under see it on tv. >> the big question is, what will the weather be like tonight? >> stkwraoeps on where you are the coast is cloudy now some of that will head into san francisco. some of the otherfest -- festivals that are going on today, beautiful picture san jose this morning, sunny now, how long will that last? also, the oppressive conditions back east and the effort to restore power to more than a million people. the power of the sun. @
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searing heat cross the east coast and midwest will make this 4th of july one of the hottest ever in some u.s. cities triple digits are expected in chicago and minneapolis. more than a million homes in the mid atlantic are without electricity that means air conditioners aren't running temperatures over the century mark 12 states banned fireworks because they are afraid they could spark heat driven fires. >> we were talking about this we both hail from st. louis they have temperatures i never saw growing up. >> seven days in a row over 100, goes back do '59 when they make seven today that
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will go back to the dust bowl years. the humidity keeps temperatures up at night it doesn't cool off only drops into the 70s and 80s at night. we are going to get a break from the clouds so if you have fireworks to go see, let me tell you other the next 2 4th of july minutes where the best viewing will be. good morning. here's a look down from sutro tower at some of the clouds that one finger of fog across the golden gate bridge that is going to be a little nemesis for the fireworks in san francisco. high pressure has capped our atmosphere one. of the reasons why it ising about to be a little warmer as we head to the afternoon hours. everything is clear nice and dry even with clouds along the coast. let's talk about temperatures. at the coast 57 at half moon bay with clouds, 60s around the bay shore, fremont 70 warmer inland, cooler along the coast into san francisco because of that sea breeze.
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still clouds around santa cruz and watsonville, 50s. everybody else mid 60s. sunny today except for at the coast mostly cloudy, patchy drizzle especially near the coast. today south bay low to mid 80s. santa clara 81. peninsula mid to upper 70s. millbrae 72. low to mid 60s along the coast mid and upper 60s downtown and south san francisco. low to mid 80s in your valleys low to mid 60s at your beaches more clouds than yesterday. east bay mid to upper 70s except berkeley and richmond low 70s there mid 80s to near 90 east bay valleys. danville 86. 66 monterey, 74 to mid 80s inland. a's trying to weep red sox 1:05 first pitch, 72 by the time the game ends grab the sunscreen. alameda county fair opened at
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60° this morning. the festival is today, tpwraoeuz, 88 4:00 rock bottom boys take the take 7:00, 76 marin county fair, fair opened a few minutes ago, 64, warm 80°, temptations on stage at 7:30. fireworks will start at 9:30, 63°. here's the fog that going to come into san francisco about :30, 7, the ceiling four to six hpbd feet mid to upper 50s probably the hardest -- hardest place to see fireworks except the coast where we have low clouds and fog now that and possibly the san pablo bay that will have clouds during the evening. inland no worries, clear temperatures falling from the mid 70s down to about 68°. tahoe clear and temperatures in the 50s. wouldn't that be beautiful to see the fireworks reflecting off lake tahoe? doesn't that sound gorgeous? here's your seven day forecast,
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temperatures drop a few degrees tomorrow we surge back into 90s inland, 80s around the bay, mid to upper 60s along the coast as we head from the weekend into early next week. looks like summer is back in the forecast. we are heading back to work tomorrow, a lot of people, if you have trouble getting up in the morning check out our alarm clock app. >> coffee, coffee, coffee! [ laughing ] >> that cracks everybody up every time. that's me. you can set it and get a wake-up call from me everyday. >> coffee, coffee, coffee, must have coffee. >> wake up all to the morning weather, news and traffic updates. if you set it for 4:30 you will be up in time for the abc7 morning news. i the free alarm clock app is available now on the app store search abc7 news san francisco
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alarm all due respect to spend and sandy they are on there too, but probably not as annoying [ laughing ] intergalactic fireworks. amazing images from the surface of the sun. solar flare so powerful it disrupted radio communications over europe. it sent electrically charged particles shooting into space that might sweep past earth's magnetic field in time
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a paper killer controversy why the maker of oxycontin is testing the medicine on children. then what may be the next big thing for apple this time it is going mini. those stories later today. 4th of july traditions include parades and fireworks. >> and stuffing your face with hot dogs. at new york's coney island. >> winner of the nathan's famous international hot dog eating contest for the sixth straight year is joey chestnut of san jose. he managed to chow down on 68 hot dogs and opinions in 10 minutes. the second police finisher only got to 52. chestnut, professional competitive eat went to san jose state took home $10,000 and the much coveted mustard belt. we once again relish his finish. >> oh boy, a lot of antacid
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with that one. i wonder what happens after that is over? [ talking over each other ] >> let's off money. >> not a pretty sight but congratulations. >> from all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for joining us. >> who
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